Steel and Company

Steel and Company

Bandet består av : Steel Langholen Vokal/ gitar, Frode Nystuen på Bass . Hans Erik Magnor Trommer. Roger Henriksen Solo Gitar

Vi brukte året 2015 på innøving av repertoaret og gjorde en konsert dette året . Nå i 2016 er Steel and Company band  konsert klare.

The band consists of: Steel Langholen Vocals / guitar, Frode Nystuen on Bass. Hans Erik Magnor Drums. Roger Henriksen Solo Guitar

We spent the year 2015 on rehearsal of the repertoire and did one concert this year.  2016,  Steel and Company band are  back on stage.


25/2 2017 single release "Gypsy move on" The song is about Steel and company’s  life on the road, from place to place like random train coming from nowhere and spreading musical joy and dance and disappears to the next destination ... a life in the present, they do not know where the train will end, they enjoy the ride and the audience and all new faces they see. The song was written by the whole band during a rehearsal, the chemistry between them is unique. there is a lot going on, and on the creative side enjoying the time in the studio recording songs the old fashion way, real two real-time recording Live! 2017 will be a year in the studio and on stage.


Opened the year with the first concert on January 7th. The band will be performing concerts and continue with studio recordings again this year.


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